About Mason-Art


Mason-Art has been OFFERING bench made, workroom quality, custom upholstery since 1913.

When you visit our showroom in the D&D Building, you are not waited on by a "sales person" but rather assisted by the Mason-Art family of professionals to help you design the ideal piece of custom upholstery for your project. Our experienced team knows every aspect of making high quality custom furniture. A visit to our showroom is very similar to visiting our workroom. We will show you how your custom design will feel and look, with numerous options in cushion fills and dimensional changes.

Every piece of furniture goes through multiple levels of quality control, delivering to your client, unsurpassed fine workroom quality custom upholstery.

When you sit in a Mason-Art piece of upholstery, you don't only see our meticulous attention to details , you feel Mason-Art's unique "old world" comfort.